This latest innovation saves energy, improves animal welfare and increases performance

Weather conditions are becoming more extreme, with high temperatures often occurring on summer days. At the same time, we have received a hefty CO2 tax, which causes higher energy costs. That is why we have developed our Turbo-Boost from the combination of modern EC technology in fan construction and our software.

Here we have advantages that focus on these two areas. The modern EC technology has fans that basically work much more effectively than classic asynchronous fans with frequency converters. The new ERP directive will hardly allow other drive technologies in the future anyway.

Our software is used for the optimal operating points of the EC fans as much as possible in daily practice. For this purpose, we have made significant changes to the load ranges and the control parameters in the software. We can now control up to 6 groups in each plant. In conjunction with the software for the fans, we can pick out the optimal operating point for each type of fan and select the fan type for the particular plant accordingly.

In 90% of all cases, whether conversion or new construction, we dimension the fan output 30 – 40% higher than the air rate actually requires. This in turn enables us to operate the EC fans in the throttled partial load range when configuring the respective systems. Thus, we generally drive into the energetically optimal range for EC fans.

In the software, however, we then take into account in the service area the barn temperature and the outside temperature for an extreme weather situation, here the system can then call up appropriate power from the ideally slumbering reserves. The whole thing is done fully automatically without the operator having to worry about it. Another advantage of EC technology and the further development of fans in the flow area often also leads to quieter operation of the system.

An EC fan with flow-optimized blades: The reduction in energy costs is currently up to 52%. Here it comes then to amortization times of partially only 2 years. Not to mention more animal welfare due to less heat stress.

The Turbo Boost can be retrofitted to any barn ventilation system. Ask us, we check what is possible in your old plant, or plan your new plant according to all these aspects. Call us or send us a message for a free initial analysis.

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