for humans, animals and nature

RISPIR is the bionic solution for healthy air in buildings for humans, animals and nature in six modules

Our aerospace flow analysis visualizes the dispersion of aerosols indoors already in the planning stage.

Our generously dimensioned supply and exhaust air ducts ensure healthy indoor climates.

With the VortexFlow heat exchanger, you gain 150 kW of thermal energy per 1 kW of electrical power used.

With adiabatic air cooling & humidification we reduce temperatures by up to 10°C.

With the latest sensor technology from human medicine, we detect pollutants, viruses, spores and bacteria.

The RISPIR protective atmosphere renders up to 99.9% of aerosol pathogens harmless to stop further spread.

RISPIR comes from Respiration

We learn from nature

RISPIR is the innovation leader for bionic ventilation solutions in agriculture in Europe






million savings/year


k tons CO2

RISPIR enables up to € 92,000 savings/year (with 2,500 pigs)

Up to 20% of total savings due to:

The investment in a new ventilation system from RISPIR can be subsidized in public buildings with up to 80% or € 200,000. We take care of the application and processing.

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“When I installed my first heat exchanger, all my professional colleagues thought, I was crazy. Today I am glad to have your heat exchangers everywhere and I would do it again and again.”
Janfried Lüke
Sow farmer, Melle
“Your systems have a well thought out concept, therefore all barns have been converted to your system.”
André Angenendt
Angenendt-Nordbrock GmbH, Hamminkeln
“You have responded to my wishes to build the barn as simple as possible and it works.”
Jens Meyer
Sow farmer, Cornau

We supply turnkey solutions

Even under the harshest climatic conditions


Our system is highly efficient designed and amortized after a short period of time.


Trouble-free continuous operation due to all components from one single source.


Maintenance work is carried out with great care and ensures long running times of our systems.

Family Business

since 1997

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Chief Executive Officer, CEO

Chief Operating Officer, COO

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