How adiabatic air cooling significantly reduces heat load in summer

After several years of operation, it is evident how effectively our system works in the food mill. In addition to the ventilation that provides for the reduction of the negative pressure, the adiabatic cooling helps to significantly reduce the heat loads in summer. The heat recovery is designed for 80,000 m³/h, and the maximum capacity of the system is 130,000 m³/h.

Adiabatic cooling simultaneously cools and improves the product through sufficient room humidity.

A complete filter system of both the heat exchanger supply air and the max. summer fresh air improves the hygiene conditions in the mill enormously.

Especially where heat recovery is already in use, the integration of cold recovery is worthwhile, so that the complete air conditioning of the premises can be done in a sustainable and energy-efficient way. There are also funding opportunities for this. Contact us!

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